What Are the Best Genesis Forks for Kodi?

Genesis was one of the most popular third-party Kodi add-ons ever. Offering access to a wide variety of TV shows and movies, it revolutionized the way that third-party Kodi add-ons were developed.

Unfortunately, Genesis is no longer operational. Support for the add-on was discontinued in early 2016LAMBDA, the original creator of the add-on, has since retired from Kodi development altogether. 

However, the legacy of Genesis lives on through a wide variety of Genesis “forks”. In this guide, we’ll give you our picks for the the best Genesis forks for Kodi.

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Before we Proceed

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IPVanish and Kodi

What Is a Genesis Fork?

All third-party Kodi add-ons are open source. Their code can be viewed and modified by almost anyone – including other developers. 

When an add-on is modified, the new version is known as a fork. While most Genesis forks are quite similar to the original program, some Genesis forks provide additional functionality that makes them makes them completely distinct from their original source.

Because Genesis is one of the most well-known Kodi add-ons of all time, developers have continued to add to its source code. This has led to the development of dozens of different Genesis forks. Let’s take a look at the best Genesis forks available for Kodi.

What Are the Most Popular Genesis Forks?

Genesis has been around for a while, so there are many different Genesis forks available. However, many older Genesis forks don’t receive regular support, so they may not work correctly. In this guide, we’ve focused only on popular, well-known Genesis forks that are still receiving updates.

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn is one of the most popular Genesis forks available today.  It is a powerful, streamlined Kodi add-on that includes most of the features of the original Genesis add-on as well as a variety of other powerful customization options.

Genesis reborn menu kodi
The main menu of Genesis Reborn. Source: AddonHQ

Features walkthrough

The primary options available in Genesis Reborn are visible in the above screenshot. The main UI consists of quite a few different menus, consisting of the following:

  • Genesis Reborn Movies
  • Genesis Reborn TV Shows
  • My Genesis Reborn Movies
  • My Genesis Reborn TV Shows
  • Genesis Reborn New Movies
  • Genesis Reborn New TV Shows
  • Genesis Reborn Channels
  • Genesis Reborn Tools
  • Genesis Reborn Search Menu

Genesis Reborn Movies and Genesis Reborn TV Shows are the two primary streaming categories for this Kodi add-on. In these menus, you can search and sort through a huge variety of digital content, as seen in the below screenshots.

kodi movies genesis reborn
The “Movies” category in the Genesis Reborn add-on. Source: AddonHQ
genesis reborn tv shows kodi add-on
The “TV Shows” menu in Genesis Reborn. Source: AddonHQ

Genesis Reborn offers many ways to filter and categorize content, including popularity, trending shows and movies, recent releases, and genres. This makes it easy to find great video content.

My Genesis Reborn Movies and My Genesis Reborn TV Shows are also very useful categories. When linked with an IMDB account and a Trakt.tv account, these categories allow users to track their progress on various saved TV shows and films across different Kodi add-ons.

kodi add-on genesis
The “My Genesis Movies” and “My Genesis TV Shows” categories, as seen in the main menu. Source: AddonHQ

Genesis Reborn New Movies and Genesis Reborn New TV Shows provide users with a quick way to access the most recent releases, both in theaters and on TV.

Genesis Reborn Channels provides users with a limited number of TV streams, mostly playing recently released movies.

Genesis Reborn Search Menu allows users to quickly search through the media present on this Kodi add-on, with filters available for Movies, TV Shows, People (Movies) and People (TV).

search genesis reborn addon kodi
The search menu in Genesis Reborn. Source: AddonHQ

Finally, Genesis Reborn Tools allows users to control playback quality, streaming sources, and subtitle playback. This is also where users can connect IMDb and Trak.tv accounts to their Genesis Reborn add-on.

tools genesis reborn kodi
The tools menu in Genesis Reborn. Source: AddonHQ

Genesis Reborn: our verdict

Genesis Reborn is an excellent Genesis fork. It maintains the same functionality that made the original great, and it’s regularly maintained for stability and reliability. This makes it one of our favorite Genesis forks.

Repository link

To access Genesis Reborn, you can follow our guide, seen below.

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Alternatively, if you already know how to install third-party Kodi add-ons, you can navigate directly to the Jesus Box Repo at the following link: http://jesusboxrepo.xyz/repo/

Showbox Arize

Showbox Arize is a relatively new Genesis fork that’s hosted on the Jesus Box Repo. 

showbox arize menu kodi
The Showbox Arize main menu. Source: AddonHQ

Features walkthrough

Showbox Arize has only 6 categories:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • Tools
  • Search

Movies and TV Shows both provide Kodi users with the ability to access a large variety of streaming content. 

You can sort movies based on categories such as Genre, Most Popular and My Movies. There’s also a search function available.

showbox arize kodi add-on
The “Movies” menu in Showbox Arize. Source: AddonHQ

TV Shows are sortable by Genres, Most Popular, and My TV Shows. There is a search function available on this menu, as well.

tv shows showbox arize add-on kodi
The “TV Shows” menu in Showbox Arize. Source: AddonHQ

As in Genesis Reborn, My Movies and My TV Shows allow users to track progress using a Trakt.tv account and IMDb/TVDb.

A search feature is available from the main menu, so users can quickly search for a movie or TV show to watch.

showbox arize kodi add-on
The Showbox Arize search menu. Source: AddonHQ

Like Genesis Reborn, Showbox Arize features a settings menu. Here, users can set their preferred stream quality, disable and enable different hosting services, add subtitles, and more.

tools showbox arize kodi addon
The “Tools” menu of Showbox Arize. Source: AddonHQ

Showbox Arize: our verdict

Showbox Arize is a perfectly viable alternative to Genesis. While it has fewer menus compared to Genesis Reborn, it offers reliable performance and plenty of great content.

For users seeking a more minimalistic, easy-to-navigate Genesis fork, Showbox Arize is definitely a good choice.

Repository link

You can install Showbox Arize from the Jesus Box Repo. Follow the instructions in our Genesis Reborn Installation guide to access the Jesus Box Repo, which is currently located at http://jesusboxrepo.xyz/repo/


Like Showbox Arize and Genesis Reborn, you can install Flixnet from the Jesus Box repo. This add-on is based on the original Genesis source code, but with some changes.

Primarily, the changes of Showbox Arize are aesthetic. The majority of its features are quite similar to Genesis.

Flixnet addon kodi genesis fork
The main menu of Flixnet. Source: AddonHQ

Features walkthrough

The primary categories available on Flixnet are as follows:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • New Movies
  • New Episodes
  • Channels
  • Tools
  • Search

These categories are nearly identical to those found in Genesis Reborn, and the original Genesis add-on.

Movies provides Kodi users with the standard suite of search filters and navigation options for streaming digital content. You can filter content by year of release, popularity, and theatrical rating. You can also search by title or by actor/actress.

flixnet movies addon kodi genesis fork
The “Movies” menu in Flixnet. Source: AddonHQ

TV Shows is similar to the movies menu. You can sort episodes and shows by categories such as shows airing today, most popular shows, the airing network and language.

flixnet addon kodi genesis fork
The “TV Shows” menu in Flixnet. Source: AddonHQ

As with Genesis Reborn and Showbox Arize, the My Movies and My TV Shows use Trakt.tv integration to track your favorite TV shows and movies.

Channels allows access to a variety of movies that are pulled directly from premium movie channels. The selection is limited to about 2 dozen films, but the quality of the streams is very high.

Tools provides the same complement of features found in other Genesis forks. You can manage stream playback and settings such as stream hosting providers, subtitles, and Trakt.tv account integration.

flixnet tools kodi add-on genesis fork
The “Tools” menu in Flixnet. Source: AddonHQ

Lastly, Search provides basic search functionality. You can search based either on the title of a movie or TV show, or by searching for specific actors and actresses.

flixnet search addon kodi
The “Search” menu in Flixnet. Source: AddonHQ

Flixnet: our verdict

Flixnet isn’t exceptional. Its features are nearly identical to Genesis Reborn and the original Genesis add-on. All it really brings to the table is a different UI. 

However, this does not mean that Flixnet is a bad Genesis fork. It’s regularly updated and fairly reliable, and offers the same level of streaming performance that more popular add-ons do.

It’s not going to rock your world, but Flixnet is a perfectly functional Genesis fork and worthy of inclusion in your Kodi installation.

Repository link

You can install Flixnet from the Jesus Box Repo, just like Showbox Arize and Genesis: Reborn. The Jesus Box Repo is currently located at http://jesusboxrepo.xyz/repo/

Which Genesis Fork is the Best?

Each Genesis fork included in this list is a great addition to your Kodi setup. However, there can be only one top choice.

For us, that would have to be Genesis Reborn. Genesis Reborn offers reliable functionality, and a UI that’s very similar to the original Genesis add-on. Genesis Reborn improves upon the original Genesis add-on in every way. With ongoing support and regular updates, it’s a fantastic Genesis fork.

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Discontinued/Unsupported Genesis Forks

There have been quite a few Genesis forks released since Genesis was discontinued in early 2016, and not all of them have managed to survive until now, due to legal trouble and discontinuation of developer support.

It’s possible that these forks may be developed further in the future, but as of now their original repos are inaccessible. Still, for the sake of completeness, we’ll take a quick look at two of the most popular discontinued/unsupported Genesis forks.


Exodus was the most popular Genesis fork for more than a year after it was released. This add-on was developed initially by LAMBDA, the creator of Genesis. After he retired, a well-known developer called c0ldfire took over development and continued making improvements to this Genesis fork.

Until recently, Exodus was working perfectly. However, after popular Kodi add-on repository TVAddons was briefly shut down in the summer of 2017, c0ldfire announced he was discontinuing Exodus development.

This led to a large number of developers making alternative Exodus forks, which we’ve looked at in our previous article, What are the Best Exodus Forks for Kodi in 2017.

Here’s a look at the basic features and design of Exodus.

Exodus Main Menu Addon
The main menu of Exodus. Source: AddonHQ

As you can see, Exodus is quite similar to Genesis. It has the same basic feature set, and the same design and categories. The main thing that set Exodus apart from Genesis was reliable, consistent streaming performance. This made it a huge hit among the Kodi community until support for it was discontinued.

Exodus can still be installed, but is now unsupported. As a result, it’s unlikely to work well in the future and could shut down at any time. However, we’ll give you the repository link so that you may install this add-on if you wish.

Repository link

Though it’s now unsupported, Exodus is available from the Smash Repo. We’ve written a guide to install Smash Repo, which is currently located at: http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff/

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Specto is one of the oldest and most well-regarded Genesis forks. After Genesis shut down in 2016, LAMBDA gave up on supporting it and developed Exodus– another very popular Kodi add-on. A third-party development team called MrKnow took over the original Genesis source code and updated it to create Specto in late 2016.

Specto became a very popular Genesis fork. It featured plenty of HD streams, easy navigation tools, and a simple, streamlined UI. However, Specto is now no longer receiving official updates or support, so its time as a functional add-on is probably quite limited.

Here’s a quick look at the main user interface of Specto.

specto menu kodi add-on
The Specto main menu. Source: AddonHQ

Just like other Genesis forks, it’s quite similar to the original Genesis add-on. One of the most notable features of Specto is the My Specto section. While most Genesis forks require a Trakt.tv account to “favorite” shows, TV episodes and films, Specto provided this functionality without requiring a third-party Trak.tv account.

Repository link

Specto is no longer officially supported by MrKnow, so it’s possible that it may shut down or stop working at any time. However, a version of Specto can currently still be downloaded from the Smash Repo. The current link for the Smash Repo is http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff

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