Sportie Kodi Add-on – How to Install Sportie on Kodi

Looking for an easy way to catch sports games on Kodi? If so, you may want to check out the Sportie Kodi add-on. Sportie is a recent addition to the popular Colossus Repo and features high-quality streams of sporting events from the UK and from other international sources.

In this guide, we’ll show you:

  • Two ways to install the Colossus Repo
  • How to install Sportie on Kodi
  • Sportie’s major features

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Before we Proceed

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IPVanish and Kodi

How to Install Sportie on Kodi

In recent days, the old Colossus Repo website has been taken down. Fortunately, there are two workarounds available. You can either download Colossus Repo from the new Colossus site or download the Colossus Repo from GitHub and install it manually.

Method 1: Download the Colossus Repo from a website

Downloading the Colossus Repo from inside the Kodi client is the easiest way to install Sportie. Here are the instructions.

  • Open Kodi on your computer. Navigate to the gear icon, indicating settings, on the upper-left of your Kodi screen. Click this icon to open the settings menu.
main menu kodi
The main menu of Kodi. Source:
  • Next, select File Manager. Here, you can manage your Kodi repositories and add new ones.
file manager kodi
Click File Manager. Source:
  • Select Add source as seen in the below screenshot.
add source kodi
Select add source to continue. Source:
  • You’ll see the following screen. Double click <None>.
add source kodi
The add source menu. Source:
repository kodi add-on
Enter this URL, or one of the alternative URLs, to access the repo. Source:
  • Enter your preferred URL, and then name your media source. In this case, we’ve chosen “Sportie Colossus Repo.” Press OK to continue, and add this media source to Kodi.
continue install repo
Click “OK” to continue. Source:
  • Next, you’ll want to return to the Kodi main menu. This time instead of choosing settings, select Add-ons.
add-ons kodi sportie install
Select add-ons to continue. Source:
  • Next, it’s time to begin the installation process. Select the open box icon on the top left to access the package installer.
package installer kodi sportie
Click the “open box” icon to continue. Source:
  • Select Install from zip file. This will allow us to install the Colossus Repo.
install from zip kodi sportie
Select install from zip to continue. Source:
  • Next, select Sportie Colossus Repo
select repo sportie colossus
Select your repo. Source:
  • Double-click the repo to select it. There will be a wide variety of repos available. Look for a file named (If you’re using a different repository than the Dimitrology Repo, your screen may look different, but the same file should be present.)
  • Press OK to continue
colossus repo install kodi sportie
Choose the Colossus Repo, and press OK. Source:
  • After a few seconds, a popup will appear indicating successful installation of the Colossus Repository. Next, navigate back to the main menu. Again, select the “open box” icon on the top-left to access the package installer.
sportie colossus install kodi
Navigate back to the package installer. Source:
  • Now, instead of selecting Install from zip, select Install from repository. This will allow us to install Sportie from the Colossus Repo.
install repository colossus kodi
Select install from repository to continue. Source:
  • Select Colossus Repository in the next screen.
add-on repo kodi
Choose Colossus Repository. Your screen may look different, depending on your installed repos. Source:
  • Choose Video add-ons.
video add-ons sportie kodi repo colossus
Choose video add-ons to continue. Source:
  • Select Sportie on the following screen.
sportie add-on kodi colossus repo
Choose Sportie. Source:
  • Next, press Install to download and install Sportie from the Colossus Repo.
install sportie kodi add-on
Select Install to begin the installation process. Source:
  • Now, Sportie will be available in the Add-ons section of Kodi.

That’s it! You’ve installed Sportie and you’re all good to go.

Method 2: Install Colossus Repo via GitHub

If the Colossus Repo is not working properly, you can download it manually via GitHub instead. 

  • Begin by opening your web browser. Jump over to to access the most recent version of Colossus on Github. Click Clone or download, and then select Download ZIP. This will download the Colossal Repo directly to your downloads folder.
download colossus github
Select Download as ZIP to download the Colossus Repo. Source:
  • Start Kodi. Go to Add-Ons and select the open box icon to access the package installer.
package installer kodi add-ons
Open the package installer via the blue box icon. Source:
  • Select Install from zip file. This will allow you to manually install the Colossus Repo from the GitHub file.
install zip colossus repo manual
Select install from zip. Source:
  • Now, navigate to the location of the colossus repository zip file.
zip github colossus repo
Locate the appropriate file directory. Source:
  • Select the Colossus repository zip file and click OK to install it.
colossus repo install plex sportie
Select the Colossus repo file you downloaded. Your version number may differ. Source:

That’s it! You now have access to the Colossus Repository. Follow the steps outlined in Method 1 to install Sportie from the Colossus Repository.

Sportie – Features and User Interface

Now that you’ve installed Sportie, it’s time to take a deeper look at the features, UI and benefits of this add-on.

This is what the main Sportie interface looks like: 

main menu sportie kodi add-on
The main menu of Sportie. Source:

Let’s take a look of some of Sportie’s submenus.

Live Channels

sportie live channels kodi add-on
The Live Channels menu in Sportie. Source:

Live channels is probably the most important section of Sportie. This is where you can access free digital streaming content from a gigantic list of international sports channels. 

As you can see, there are two lists. List A and List B. Both of these lists have similar channels, but they don’t share all of the same content.

There are literally hundreds of channels to choose from. You can scroll through the entire list, but that can be very time-consuming. Alternatively, you can set up terms to filter your results, as shown in the below screenshot. 

stream filtering live sports sportie
Stream filtering options on Sportie. Source:

By selecting Terms: you can enter specific terms that you would like Sportie to filter for you. For example, by entering “tennis”, you could restrict streaming content to tennis matches. Using multiple filtering terms, you can easily access the sporting events that you are the most interested in.

Reddit Streams

Reddit Streams does what you might expect. It compiles links from Reddit to live sports streams from around the world, constantly scraping and updating them to find new streams.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Reddit Streams section is the ability for users to add their own “subreddits” for Sportie to scrape. You can see this feature in the below screenshot:

reddits sportie streaming kodi
The “Your Reddits” section of Sportie. Source: Flixed

Users can browse from a large selection of Sportie recommended reddits, and add their own reddits/subreddits at will. This feature is very easy to use. Simply click Add A Reddit/Subreddit to begin the process. You’ll see the below menu:

add reddit sportie streaming free
The “Add Reddit” menu dialogue. Source:

You can simply enter the URL of any subreddit. Then, Sportie will scrape that subreddit for streams, allowing you to view dozens of streams in a single location.

Overall, Reddit Streams typically function well, but your stream quality will depend on your stream sources.

Sports Scrapers

This is another section of the Sportie Kodi add-on where users can find current, live sporting events to watch.

sports streams sportie kodi add-on
The Sports Streams menu of Sportie. Source:

This section of the app is divided into 5 different areas:

Hesgoal Streams This channel is dedicated to soccer (football) and it serves streams of today’s top games from international clubs. The list of matches is updated every day, allowing you to quickly find popular matches and get into the action.

247 HD – At the time of testing, this channel was completely blank and non-functional, so you can ignore this one.

Mama HD – This section allows user to browse events by air date and view current live streaming channels.

Bigsports – Like MamaHD, this sports scraper section contains both the most popular sporting events of the day and a channel browser where users can view hundreds of live streams.

Cricbox – As the name suggests, Cricbox is focused on cricket. Just like Bigsports and MamaHD, Cricbox lists the most important matches of the day and also includes a built-in channel browser.

Soccer World

soccer world kodi add-on sportie
Soccer World. Source:

Soccer World is a unique aspect of the Sportie Kodi add-on. Unlike the other sections of the add-on, this section isn’t built for video. Instead, it has:

  • Live scores
  • Upcoming events
  • Predictions
  • Gambling odds
  • Form guides for sports betting

Though this feature is certainly a niche aspect of Sportie, if you’re a soccer maniac you might find it useful.

Soccer Replays & Highlights

This section is fairly straightforward, but very useful for soccer enthusiasts. It allows you to sort through replays and highlights from dozens of different international soccer leagues. If you regularly miss games due to time zone differences or just want to view some top-level play, check it out.


Wrestling content is available from major wrestling organizations. You can filter content based on type. Or, you can choose to watch the latest events, archived shows, or a hand-selected collection of the best wrestling matches of all time.

This section even includes search functionality, which is notably absent from the other sections of this add-on. It’s easy to navigate and has plenty of content.

Sportie vs. Pro Sport – which add-on is better for sports?

If you’re a Kodi user who loves sports, you may have heard about Pro Sport. Pro Sport is another live sports streaming add-on for Kodi, and is similar in many ways to Sportie. Below is a screenshot of Pro Sport.

pro sports menu kodi add-on
The Pro Sport main menu. Source:

Pro Sport uses streams pulled directly from Reddit. Streams of major baseball, football, hockey, and basketball games can all be viewed within the add-on. However, there’s more. Like Sportie, Pro Sport allows users to enter their own subreddits, and will automatically scrape these subreddits for live games. Here’s a screenshot of that functionality.

subreddit pro sports kodi add-on
The “Add new subreddit” menu on Pro Sport. Source:

Both add-ons are great for sports. However, Pro Sport requires more customization, and doesn’t have as many international games available as Sportie.

If you only install one sports Kodi add-on, we would recommend Sportie. It can scrape Reddit for streams just like Pro Sport and has plenty of additional functionality.

Pro Sport is available via SuperRepo and the Simply Caz repository.

Final Verdict: Sportie is a Must-Have for Sports Fans

If you’re looking for a reliable way to stream live sports, archived games and replays, the Sportie Kodi add-on is a great choice. The sheer number of live streaming channels available on the add-on is staggering and Sportie offers a wide variety of archived content as well.

Of course, Sportie isn’t perfect. Depending on the streams you choose to view, quality can vary wildly. While some sports streams we tested ran in 1080p and looked great, others were standard-definition or lower. This is not the fault of the Sportie add-on, but it’s still something to consider.

It can also be hard to navigate Sportie. With so many different sections, it takes some experience to consistently locate specific channels.

However, these drawbacks are minimal compared to the flexible functionality that Sportie offers. Overall, Sportie is one of the best sports add-ons we’ve seen so far.

If you’re a sports fan, Sportie deserves a home in your Kodi installation. Whatever your tastes in sports, Sportie provides a reliable way to stream today’s games to your Kodi server.

Not sure if Sportie is right for you? No problem – there are plenty of other great Kodi add-ons to download! Here are a few of our favorite choices. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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