FilmOn Kodi Add-on – How to Install FilmOn on Kodi

If you’re a cord-cutter looking for a new video streaming service, FilmOn is a great choice. FilmOn offers a wide variety of streaming content, including 90,000+ video-on-demand titles, and over 600 live streaming channels. Though FilmOn doesn’t have an official Kodi add-on, there are plenty of unofficial Kodi add-ons you can use to stream FilmOn content.

In this guide, we’ll show you:

  • How to download the FilmOn add-on from Super Repo  
  • How to install the FilmOn add-on on Kodi
  • An overview of FilmOn’s major features

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

What is FilmOn?

FilmOn is an online video streaming service, first started in 2009. FilmOn offers both paid and free accounts. Free users are limited to streaming standard-definition video and do not have access to the entire library of FilmOn content.

If you sign up for a free FilmOn account, you can try out HD for 2 minutes. Premium subscribers can access higher-quality streams, as well as a larger variety of movies, TV shows and live TV streaming channels.

While FilmOn has had some legal issues over the years, it’s still a relatively reliable streaming service. Regardless of whether or not you choose to subscribe, the FilmOn Kodi add-on is nice to have. You can access plenty of great streaming content for free – over 40,000 channels, according to the FilmOn website.

Now that you know the basics about FilmOn, let’s discuss how to install it on Kodi.

How to Install FilmOn on Kodi

As mentioned above, FilmOn does not have an “official” Kodi add-on. This is likely because the company can make more money from advertisements on their main website.

Many third-party FilmOn add-ons have been created over the years. However, their compatibility is often broken by updates to the FilmOn website.

Our preferred FilmOn Kodi add-on is FilmOn Simple. This Kodi add-on provides access to free streams only from FilmOn. It also filters FilmOn channels based on your region, so you won’t have to navigate through hundreds of inaccessible channels.

No configuration is required. With FilmOn Simple, you just install the add-on, and you’re good to go.

Installing the FilmOn Kodi add-on is easy once you’ve downloaded SuperRepo. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Install SuperRepo

As with all other Kodi add-ons, the first step to installing FilmOn is to download a third-party repository, or “repo”. Kodi’s add-on creators use repos to distribute installation files and updates.

Currently, FilmOn is available on SuperRepo – one of the single largest Kodi repositories in existence. Here’s how to install SuperRepo.

  • Begin by opening Kodi. Next, locate the gear icon on the upper-left of the Kodi main menu. Click on this to open system settings.
settings kodi filmon add-on
Begin by selecting the settings menu. Source:
  • Next, you’ll want to select File Manager. Here, you’ll be able to add and remove Kodi repos.
file manager kodi install filmon add-on
Select File Manager to continue. Source:
  • Next, double-click on Add source on the next page. Your view may vary, depending on the Kodi repositories that you have installed.
add source kodi add-on repository super repo
The “Add Source” menu. double-click the indicated option to continue. Source:
  • After you’ve double-clicked Add source, you’ll see the following menu. This is where you enter the URL that points to your desired Kodi repository.
filmon kodi add-on
Click to enter your URL. Source:
  • Double click <None> in the center text entry box. You’ll see the following text entry menu. Enter the following URL exactly as it is written here.
super repo url kodi add-on
Enter the URL as seen above. Source:
  • Next, enter a name for your media source in the menu. We’ll just name it “Super Repo,” but you can choose whichever name you prefer.
super repo installation kodi
Enter your preferred name in this text box. Source:
  • Once you’ve finished the previous step, you should see the following screen. Select OK to save your changes, and add SuperRepo to your Kodi installation.
install super repo kodi 17.3 krypton
Press “OK” to continue. Source:
  • Next, navigate back to the main Kodi menu. Select Add-ons on the left-hand menu, as indicated below.
my add-ons kodi
Select “Add-Ons”. Source”
  • Next, select the “open box” icon on the upper-left of the add-ons menu, as seen in the below screenshot. This will allow you to access the package installer.
package installer kodi repo
Select the “open box” icon highlighted here. Source:
  • In the next menu, select Install from zip file. This will allow you to download and install the Super Repo from the internet.
install zip kodi repo
Select this option to continue. Source:
  • Locate SuperRepo in the following menu, and select it. 
super repo install zip
Select Super Repo. Source:
  • SuperRepo hosts Kodi add-ons for a wide variety of older Kodi versions. However, we’re using 17.3 Krypton, so that’s what we’re looking for here. Select krypton to continue.
krypton kodi super repo install
Choose “Krypton” as indicated in this screenshot. Source:
  • Next, select repositories.
repositories super repo install kodi
Choose “Repositories”. Source:
  • Choose superrepo.
super repo install kodi add-on
Select superrepo. Source:
  • Finally, choose Depending on when you read this guide, this name may change slightly, due to updates and additions to the repository. Press OK to continue.
install zip kodi super repo
Select the ZIP and click OK to begin installation. Source:
  • After a few moments, a pop-up will appear, indicating that you have successfully installed SuperRepo.

Step 2: Install the SuperRepo video repository

Because Super Repo hosts thousands of different Kodi add-ons, the installation process is a bit more complex than other repos. You will have to download a separate video repository from inside of SuperRepo to access FilmOn. 

  • After completing step 1, navigate back to the Kodi main menu. Again, you’re going to select Add-ons on the left-hand side of the Kodi menu.
add-ons kodi menu filmon install
Navigate to “Add-ons” in the Kodi main menu. Source:
  • Just like in Step 1, select the “open box” icon to access the package installer.
package installer filmon simple kodi add-on
Open the package installer. Source:
  • Now, select Install from repository. Whenever you install a Kodi add-on from a third-party repository, this is the menu you’ll need to use.
super repo video add-ons filmon simple
Select this option to find and download the Super Repo Video Add-Ons repo. Source:
  • Locate SuperRepo Repositories [Krypton][V7], and select it.
super repo filmon install kodi krypton
Select this repo to continue. Source:
  • Choose Add-on repository in the next menu to continue.
filmon install kodi krypton super repo
Select this option to continue. Source:
  • Next, select SuperRepo Category Video [Krypton][v7]. Usually, this is located near the bottom on the page, though its position may vary. This will install a repo with all SuperRepo video add-ons.
super repo video add-ons kodi krypton
Select this repo. It contains all of the Super Repo video add-ons available. Source:

Step 3: Install FilmOn

Now that we have downloaded the SuperRepo video add-ons subrepository, it’s time to finally install FilmOn Simple.

  • Once again, navigate to the package installer by choosing Add-ons and selecting the “open box” icon on the upper left. Choose Install from repository.
install from repo kodi krypton filmon simple
Select “Install from repository” once again. Source:
  • Select SuperRepo Category Video [Krypton][V7] on the next screen, and continue.
super repo video add-ons
Click here to access the Super Repo video add-ons repository. Source:
  • Choose Video add-ons on the next screen.
super repo install add-on filmon
Select this option, and continue. Source:
  • Finally, locate FilmOn Simple on the next screen. There are hundreds of other Kodi add-ons available, so it may take a while for you to locate it. There are also two other FilmOn add-ons you can get. At the time of writing, neither of these add-ons were working properly, though you’re welcome to try them out yourself. 
filmon simple install
The location of FilmOn simple. Source:
  • Select Install on the next screen to install the Filmon Simple add-on for Kodi. 

That’s all there is to it!

Now that you’ve installed the FilmOn add-on for Kodi, let’s discuss its features and talk about some of the streaming content you can expect to view on this Kodi add-on.

FilmOn: Features and User Interface Overview

FilmOn has an absolutely enormous selection of live and archived streaming media. Here is a screenshot of the main user interface.

filmon simple add-on kodi
The main menu of FilmOn Simple. Source:

As you can see, this only shows a fraction of the total channels available on this Kodi add-on. The full selection consists of:

  • African TV
  • Asian TV
  • Body & Soul
  • Business TV
  • Caribbean Channels
  • Cars & Auto
  • Celebrity TV
  • Classic TV
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Extreme Sports
  • Fashion
  • Filmon Exclusive
  • Food and Wine
  • German TV
  • Greek Live TV
  • Hungarian TV
  • Indian TV
  • Italian TV
  • Kazakh TV
  • Kids
  • Latino TV
  • Lifestyle
  • Middle Eastern TV
  • Music
  • News TV
  • Outdoors
  • Party TV
  • Religion
  • Russian TV
  • Science & Technology TV
  • Shopping TV
  • Short Films
  • Somali TV
  • Swiss TV
  • Travel
  • Urban

This is a total of 40 different channels – each of which offers a wide range of individual channel selections and live TV content.

The amount of content available in FilmOn is truly mind-boggling.

Most of these channels are fairly self-explanatory. However, we’ll highlight a few channels that made a particular impression on us during our review now.

Classic TV

classic tv filmon add-on simple
The Classic TV submenu in FilmOn Simple. Source: Flixed.i

Classic TV is a great channel if you like viewing public domain or classic television. It has royalty-free channels featuring Charlie Chaplin and a wide variety of other classic television shows. As with all free FilmOn channels, Classic TV streams are in standard definition.


documentary filmon kodi add-on
The Documentary submenu in FilmOn. Source:

FilmOn has a huge selection of documentary TV channels. These include documentaries from major US-based cable networks, public access channels, and even a variety of FilmOn exclusive documentaries.

A few select categories include Aliens and UFOs, FBI Insider and the Living History Channel. In total, there are over 18 different documentary channels.


filmon kodi add-on install
The Kids section of FilmOn Simple. Source:

FilmOn offers many kid-friendly streams ranging from live streams of animals and informative, educational TV, to children’s programs, classic cartoons and more.

In total, FilmOn has over two dozen child-friendly channels, including “FilmOn Kids,” which shows original content made just for kids.

If you’re a parent looking to stream plenty of family-friendly content, this section of the FilmOn Simple add-on is sure to please.

FilmOn Exclusive

FilmOn exclusives kodi add-on
The FilmOn exclusive submenu. Source:

FilmOn doesn’t just rehost and rebroadcast video content from other channels and networks. In recent years, FilmOn has expanded into offering quite a few original shows, in a similar vein as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

FilmOn Exclusive lets you access this streaming video content. There are many different programs available.

Almost Legal with Tommy Chong is one of FilmOn’s first ventures into original programming. It’s a counterculture variety show hosted by legendary celebrity Tommy Chong.

Other categories include licensed content such as Bruce Lee TV, as well as original FilmOn reality TV programming, sports coverage and red carpet reporting.

Short Films

short films filmon add-on kodi
The Short Films submenu on FilmOn Simple. Source:

FilmOn hosts 14 different channels dedicated to short films. These channels include:

  • Acid TV
  • Dancing Shorts
  • Digital Animation
  • Documentary
  • Drama Shorts
  • Funny Shorts
  • Horror TV
  • Micro Shorts
  • Movies
  • Music Videos
  • Reality Shorts
  • Sci-Fi
  • Sprockets & Splices
  • Teen Shorts

The quality of the films shown on these streams can vary dramatically. From professionally-made short films, to student films and amateur video, you can find just about everything on this short-film focused channel.

FilmOn Simple – Our Verdict

FilmOn Simple is, without a doubt, the best FilmOn add-on out there. This will probably remain true until FilmOn decides to release their own official Kodi add-on. However, we think that this scenario is unlikely given that there is no way for FilmOn to earn ad revenue with a Kodi add-on.

FilmOn Simple allows you to avoid many of the frustrating aspects of watching TV on the FilmOn website. You will not be assaulted with ads, and you will only be shown free streams. With a vast selection of streams from around the world, there is always something to watch on FilmOn Simple.

FilmOn Simple does have some drawbacks. For example, FilmOn subscribers will likely not find this add-on very useful because it does not include premium HD streams. In addition, because most streams are in SD, stream quality can sometimes leave something to be desired.

Overall, though, FilmOn is a good streaming service. Despite the fact that i’s an unofficial add-on, FilmOn Simple is certainly the best way to view free FilmOn streams on Kodi.

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