Exodus Kodi Addon – How to Install Exodus on Kodi

If you’re looking for a Kodi add-on to stream unlimited and free movies and TV shows, you’ve found it in Exodus. The Exodus Kodi add-on grants you access to a varied library of online streaming sources, bringing you the latest movies and TV shows straight to Kodi. However, Exodus has gone through some dramatic changes, so it may not be the best option for you.

Read on to discover more about Exodus, including:

  • Information regarding recent Exodus controversies
  • Installation information for an older, still viable version of Exodus
  • Exodus history, including a past hacking incident from its original creator.

Update 10/23/2017: While you can still find and download Exodus from several repositories, we do not recommend it. The addon is not maintained and was uploaded and updated in a repository that may be compromised.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

Exodus Kodi Addon: Installation Walkthrough

Exodus has changed hands a few times. Previously, it was transferred over to the TV Add-ons site and development team. However, now that TVADDONS has removed all gray area add-ons, Exodus can be found in a few different repositories.

However, all noteworthy add-on developers have officially dropped support for Exodus. Additionally, a September post on the popular Addons4Kodi subreddit warned users against installing the newest update. Reddit users robplays informed the community that a formerly discontinued Github account, lewblack125, had reappeared and was adding updated versions of various add-ons, including Exodus.

The account belonged to former add-on developed MetalKettle, who had already retired from Kodi add-on development. As reported by TorrentFreak, MetalKettle himself/herself informed the community via Twitter to avoid installing or using this repository or any of the addons therein.

To that effect, we do not recommend you use Exodus. While older versions of this addon are still available, they may not work well and may be compromised as well. We have left installation information below for those that still wish to use the last trustworthy version of this addon. However, we recommend users try out the more trustworthy and regularly updated Exodus fork, Covenant.

Click here to read more about Covenant.

Option 1: Most Recent Version: Agent 47 Repository

The Cyper’s Locker repository, which holds many several different Kodi addon add-ons, is the newest home for the COLDFIRE version of Exodus. Considering Exodus is a community favorite, it comes as no surprise that someone decided to pick it up after Smash decided to drop support in favor of a new Exodus fork, Covenant.

To install Exodus through the Cypher’s Locker repo, do the following:

  • Open Kodi and select the Settings (gear symbol) option at the top left of the screen
  • Head to File manager
  • Click on Add source at the bottom
  • Where you see <None>, click on it, and then type in or copy/paste the following web address: http://cypher-media.com/repo/

cypher exodus kodi addon

  • Give it a name at the bottom, such as “CyphersLocker” and click OK
  • Head back to your Kodi home screen and select Addons on the left
  • Select the Package Symbol (top left)

package symbol

  • Select Install from zip
  • Locate your CyphersLocker FTP connection and select it (you should find this on the first screen after clicking on Install from zip)


  • Select the zip file located there to install it


  • Return to the screen with Install from zip and head to  Install from repository
  • Locate your Cypher’s Locker repository and click on it


  • Click on Video add-ons and then Exodus

exodus kodi addon

  • Finally, click Install to add Exodus to your library (or Update if you are here to update Exodus)

Option 2: Smash Repository

The Smash Repository is a new repo that we are keeping an eye on. You can install the Exodus Kodi addon from Smash using the following method:

  • From your Kodi home screen, select the Settings (gear symbol) option at the top left of the screen
  • Go to File manager
  • Locate and click on Add source at the bottom
  • Find the <None> and click on it, and then type in or copy/paste the following web address: http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff/
  • At the bottom, name it Smash Repo and click OK


  • Return to your Kodi home screen and select Addons on the left
  • Click the Package Symbol (top left)
  • Select Install from zip
  • Locate your Smash Repo FTP connection and select it (you should find this on the first screen after clicking on Install from zip)


  • Select the REPO.zip file you find in the folder. You will receive a successful installation message on the top right of the screen


  • Return to the screen with Install from zip and click on Install from repository
  • Locate the Smash Repository and select it

smash repo

  • Click on Video addons


  • Locate Exodus and click on it, then click on Install. Note that if you have several other repositories installed that also have this addon, you’ll see a list of installation locations. Be sure to choose Smash, but if you see a repository with a more recent version, opt for that one instead

Option 3: Kodil (Kodisrael) Kodi Repository

Kodil has the second latest version of Exodus. Note, however, that this version and other previous versions may be broken. This version of Exodus has issues with the search option and a potential Trakt.tv integration issue. However, it will work for most streaming functions.

To install Exodus from the Kodil repository, do the following:

  • Open up Kodi. On your home screen, select the Settings (gear symbol) on the top left
  • Select File manager
  • Find and select Add source at the bottom
  • Click on where you see <None> and then type in or copy/paste the following web address: http://kdil.co/repo/
  • At the bottom, name it Kdil (this may be automatic) and click OK
  • If you are connecting via public WiFi or you have a firewall or content filtering in place, you may not need to use a VPN or disconnect the firewall to access the repo
  • Return to your Kodi home screen
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Click on the Package Symbol on the top left
  • Click on Install from zip

salts kodi addon

  • Locate the Kdil FTP connection (similar to the Smash Repo method) and click on it
  • Click on kodil.zip to install the repository


  • Go back to the screen with the Install from zip option and click on Install from repository
  • Find your Kodisrael Repository. Click on it to open it up, then click on Video addons


  • Locate Exodus and click on it, then click on Install

Exodus Addon Review: Benefits and Limitations

Exodus is perhaps one of the most popular Kodi add-ons currently available. A child of the now-defunct addon Genesis, Exodus provides users with an extremely large number of streaming options. This includes a wide range of movies and TV shows, both from American producers and internationally. While Exodus does not provide any live TV viewing through its platform, it does give access to high-quality on-demand video media. We’ll walk through the positives and negatives of this addon, as well as some of its more interesting features and offerings.

Exodus Benefits

exodus kodi addon

The best thing you’ll find with Exodus is its extremely large library and impressive stream quality. Exodus pulls from a large number of sources for all of the TV shows and movies listed in its database. The database is full of thousands of movies and TV shows covering every category. Perhaps one of the best benefits is that you’ll find new release movies and new TV show episodes as well as a good number of movies and TV shows dating back several decades.

Exodus uses a rather high-quality resolver that will seek out the best quality stream before delivering it to your screen. In the cases where it can’t find a stream, you’ll receive a message that it cannot locate one for you. However, Exodus is updated semi-regularly to update stream providers to help avoid too many issues related to dead streams.

Exodus has one of the best menu and browsing functions for any addon. For example, under the TV section, content is viewable based on genre, rating, network, popularity, air date and more. You can also find TV shows using the TV calendar, save TV shows you watch regularly and search for specific people if you like certain actors or actresses.

Finally, you can set up various accounts to work with Exodus, including RealDebrid, Trakt, and AllDebrid.

Exodus Limitations

The only real limitation to Exodus is in the fact that it only provides on-demand streams and no live TV. Additionally, some of the TV and movie categories within Exodus tend to be a bit limited.

For example, Exodus is not the best place to find foreign films. Although you’ll find a rather long list of movies categorized by language, for the most part, these are American films with subtitles in various other languages. Additionally, Exodus lacks a documentary section for its movies, meaning you’ll have to turn elsewhere if you’re a documentary fan. What your looking for might be there, but it will be a bit more difficult to find if it’s there at all.

Exodus in the News

On February 3, 2017, TorrentFreak reported on a disturbing security breach directly tied to Exodus. Due to its popularity, it appears that Exodus was a target of a massive DDoS attack. As reported by TorrentFreak, the developer behind Exodus, an anonymous Kodi community figure who is known only as “Lambda” inserted malicious code into a recent Exodus update. The reasoning behind this appears to be an act of revenge.

Due to its popularity, it appears Exodus and its developer had drawn the ire of some adversaries. At some point, several of these adversaries obtained Lambda’s true identity and threatened to expose it unless certain conditions of theirs were met. Instead of bowing to pressure, Lambda decided to fight back by inserting code into Exodus that used Exodus users’ computers to launch DDoS attacks on adversarial websites. In effect, Lambda had created a DDoS botnet.

Discussions erupted across Kodi community forums, with Lambda himself eventually chiming in to defend his actions. ““Like I said they try to find my identity and give me legal trouble. I have no choice but to protect myself. If this won’t help me to defend myself I will retire from all these and focus on my legal add-ons,” he explained.

Lambda Responds

Due to an extreme backlash from the community, Lambda decided to cease development for Exodus, issuing a formal apology to the community regarding his actions. In his apology and farewell letter, Lambda wrote (unedited):

“I didn’t wake up one day, after all these years and told myself, let’s try to add some calls to a specific site. It was a bad desicion I made after all this time and the stessful months I had, and I am sorry about that. As long you follow the GPL license and don’t remove Exodus credits from it I never had any problem.

Unfortunately all these months I’ve seen add-ons taking my code and removing the credits from it, like it’s their playground. I do understand that we are talking about addons that help on copyright infringement, but this is something I couldn’t tolerate anymore. Also lately I’ve seen some weird private messages from specific people threating me on presonal level. Most of them are on social media right now talking about how evil I am.

I just couldn’t deal with all this stress anymore, I made bad desicions that I shouldn’t take and I am sorry about that. I think this is the time for me too leave, this whole thing is changing me as a person, so it’s time for me to take care of myself and leave this scene once and for all.”

Lambda removed the malicious code as an update before officially stepping down. Lambda plans to continue working on other add-ons, while Exodus development is now moved over to TVADDONS.

At present, the Cypher version of Exodus is still good to use. However, please note that because development for this add-on has been officially dropped, its scraped links will likely stop working in the future.

If anything changes regarding the future viability of Exodus, we will provide an update to this article. We recommend bookmarking this article or adding it to your RSS feeds for future updates.

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