February 2019

Kodi has been accepted to GSOC 2019!

We are thrilled to announced that Kodi has been accepted as a participating open source organization in Google Summer of Code 2019!

What is Google Summer of Code?

In Google’s own words, “Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that matches students up with open source, free software and technology-related organizations to write code and get paid to do it! The organizations provide mentors who act as guides through the entire process, from learning about the community to contributing code. The idea is to get students involved in and familiar with the open source community and help them to put their summer break to good use.

See? Simple as that.

Many open source projects — such as Kodi — have participated in GSoC for years. It has proven to be a very useful program to bring together students that want to get involved with the open source community and open source projects in need of new contributors. Plus, if your friends ask what you’re doing on your Summer break, you get to say you’re working with Kodi and Google. How cool is that?

Student applications

Student applications to GSoC start on March 25, 2019.

We encourage all prospective participants to present their ideas and proposals on the GSoC 2019 forums. Please read our GSoC guidelines carefully before submitting your proposal.

There are several project ideas available on our Wiki. Regardless if you are looking into working on a suggested project or one of your own creation, you are strongly encouraged to engage on the forums or join #kodi-gsoc on Freenode so that the community and potential mentors can learn about it, ask questions, discuss narrowing or broadening the proposal, etc.

Proposals must be submitted following the proposal outline format.

Key dates

The complete Google Summer of Code 2019 calendar can be found here but the most important dates for students are outlined below:

March 25 (18:00 UTC) – Student application begins

April 9 (18:00 UTC) – Deadline to file your student application

May 6 (18:00 UTC) – Accepted student proposals are announced

May 27 – Coding begins. Start your engines!

Please pay special attention to the application deadline. Two weeks fly by in no time. Take time to craft a thoughtful project proposal and discuss it with the community and prospective mentors.

Happy GSoC!

Kodi Addons

OpenMeta & OpenInfo Kodi Addons: Ultimate Setup Guide

September 25th: OpenMeta has been updated! Come check out the details.
The OpenMeta and OpenInfo Kodi addons are the latest forks for the MetalliQ/Meta and Extended Info addons, built for Kodi 18 and including new features! These two addons are VERY powerful and let you completely customize Kodi in a single spot without needing to navigate into multiple addons.

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Kodi v18.1 Leia RC1

Upcoming bug fix release..

Two weeks have past since the official release of v18.0, and hopefully you all like it as much as we do. A final release always comes with some unexpected bugs or improvements that needed a bit more time. In the months to come we will bring you regular v18 updates that included bug fixes and improvements. In this 18.1 Release Candidate we have included the following changes:

  • Speed up Player and Playlists operations with JSON-RPC
  • Define a senseful default value for advanced settings ‘updateemptytagsinterval’
  • Revert edge case crash fix that caused DVDs to be not recognised on Mac OS
  • Remove “dxvaallowhqscaling” advanced setting to prepare for DXVA improvements in v18.2 for Windows
  • Linux X11: fix usage of required configuration values
  • Add date to the log records
  • Don’t react on DPI change event on Win10 >= FCU
  • Fix Android MediaCodec freeze when early disposing stream
  • Flush streamplayers if abort is requested which solves waiting too long. Skippingskip DVD screens for example
  • Fix ListitemAbsolute and ListItemPosition in GUI engine
  • Ignore very first “server not reachable” notification for PVR servers
  • Use extended result codes for SQLite
  • Fix invalid PTS decoder value which should inprove MPEG2 playback on Android devices
  • update SSL CA trust store
  • Handle empty vertex buffers in GUIFontTTFGL which caused a hard crash
  • Reintroduce setting “Close channel OSD after switching channels” for PVR
  • Fix thread logging on Android which cause issues like gettings frozen on DVD/Bluray playback
  • Avoid attempt to load music info for smartplaylists
  • Fix Top 100 Albums regression
  • RenderCapture: Only query Occlusion if GL lower 1.5
  • Check current mode if whitelist doesn’t match and take correct action
  • Check if app intent is valid on Android. This fixes a hard crash when trying to open Kodi again
  • Fix PVR input stream creation for pvr file items only containing a path and no recording/channel tag.
  • Fixe playing VP9 streams using inputstream addon. It failed because codec extradata is not existant for this stream codec.
  • Catch an exception while reading or writing a file
  • Fix logical “or” operation in GUI engine
  • Check the system capabilities to support sleep states S1/S2/S3/S4 before reporing them as available
  • Fix crash in PCSX ReARMed with BIOS
  • Several Estuary cosmetic fixes

The full v18.1 RC1 changelog can be found in our Github milstone.

If you want to read back on what was actually changed in v18 itself you can find these in the blog posts list.

The V18 “Leia” T-shirt

Inspired by the “galaxy far, far away” theme, our resident artist Sam went above and beyond and designed perhaps the coolest Kodi announcement video of all time.

We loved his work so much that we’re modelling the Kodi 18 shirt after it, along with more art to come. Here it is, our newest, coolest shirt: K-18L – available in several shirt colours and not just black or white.



The Kodi 18 changelog wiki page gives a list of changes for this release; those seeking a more technical listing can view the merged pull requests on GitHub.



As always, this is a huge team effort, and our collective thanks go out to all the developers who submitted code, whether that was thousands of lines of a core new feature or a couple of lines to fix a skin bug. Thanks go out to the ecosystem of add-on and skin developers who updated or created new add-ons to use new functionality in Kodi 18.0. Likewise, we’re indebted to the many beta and release candidate testers who took time to explore the pre-release application, file bug reports, test fixes and assist the team with resolving issues. And finally … special thanks go our to our tireless team of forum moderators, and all those who spend time in our forum and enjoy being part of our community to share tips and tricks and help others. Without all of you, this project would be nothing.



If you experience any issues or find any remaining bugs, please post in the General Support section of our forum (please be mindful of our forum rules when posting!). If you have fixes for issues please submit a pull request with your changes to our master branch on GitHub. We also welcome users who want to help answer questions in the forum or write articles for the wiki.



To show support and appreciation for Kodi, please consider making a donation or purchasing merchandise such as a T-shirt or Raspberry Pi case. All donations or profits go to the XBMC Foundation and are typically used for team travel to attend conferences, operating expenses, hardware and software licences for developers, legal fees, and the annual developer conference.

Download and install

Since this is a continuation of the v18 series you can simply install these builds on top of you existing installation.

Go to the Official download page and choose the platform of choice and you will find these builds under the pre release tab.

FOSDEM 2019 report

At the beginning of the month seven Team Kodi members attended FOSDEM, Europe’s largest meeting of Free and Open Source Software Developers that takes place over two days each year in Brussels, Belgium. FOSDEM is a great opportunity to meet-up amongst …