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Filelinked Codes for Android & Amazon Fire 2019: Latest Updates

Come and grab the latest Filelinked codes for Android TV and Amazon Fire and quickly install the latest APKs onto your device without having to move any files onto a USB stick. Not sure what Filelinked is? The guide below explains everything, so check it out because Filelinked could save you a bunch of time […]

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Kodi Setup Guides

49 Trakt Playlists to Add Into Any Addon

Do you want to load custom playlists into any Kodi addon and have instant access to categories such as new HD movies, the Marvel Universe, top TV shows, best sci-fi, or anything else? Grab the best Trakt playlists below and load them into Kodi today! Playlists in Kodi are curated lists specializing in a specific […]

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Kodi Users Blocked By Cloudflare, Showing No Sources

Are you seeing a ‘No sources’ error in Kodi, broken Trakt menus, or broken TV shows in Kodi? You may be affected by a major Cloudflare issue that is mass-blocking IP addresses that are using Kodi. Below, we explain the issue, how to find out if you’ve been affected, how to fix it, and what […]

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Presenting KodiTV MultiPass

This is going to be short and sweet: we proudly present KodiTV™ MultiPass!

Starting at 00:00 UTC, our servers will deploy an update to your Kodi install if you’re in North America (Canada not included) or Europe. Unfortunately the broadcasting rights don’t allow us to offer the service to other regions yet. More on that later.

KodiTV™ offers the best of all major content providers, combined in one single add-on. Starting now, we will support five streaming providers, with more to come:

  • Netflix
  • HULU
  • HBO
  • Amazon Prime
  • Youtube Premium

KodiTV™ add-on will give you four subscription tiers:

  • Micropass: $0.99 per movie and $0.29 per TV show episode from any of our content providers (any content provider)
  • MultiPass: $14.99/month from up to three of our content providers (providers selectable each month)
  • Megapass: $23.99/month all providers right at your finger tips
  • Monsterpass : watch everything for $199 a year (unlimited tier)

Have fun! ;

We do not sell hardware

Don’t be fooled by the cool wallpaper above – we do not sell hardware.
We do not sell computers, Kodi boxes, Kodi sticks, carrot sticks or french fries. Actually, we don’t recommend specific hardware, and we’re certainly not interested in selling hardw…

The Kodi Foundation joined the Linux Foundation

The Kodi Foundation is very proud to announce that it has joined the Linux Foundation as an Associate Member. It seemed natural for us to join, given the fact that we are strong believers in the benefits of open-source software.

We strongly believe that open-source is the best way to achieve awesome things. That was and still is what moves Kodi forward. Ever since XBMP, where this project started, a small group of like-minded individuals from different backgrounds have worked together to achieve a goal, taking advantage of each other’s merits and talents.

That leads to true innovation. Innovation that would not be possible if Kodi’s code base was closed source. Innovation that would not be possible if the goals were constrained by corporate vision and allocated resources.

This is a story that happens every day. An individual shares some code thinking “meh, no one is interested in this“. Two days later someone across the globe sends a patch to fix a bug or suggest an improvement. Now there are two individuals working on a common problem. They don’t know each other but they are working together, sharing ideas. When people cooperate and share, the project at hand and the community will always benefit.

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux and open source in general, providing support for the open-source community through financial and intellectual resources, governance structure, IT infrastructure, services, events, and training and certification.

Some of its most notable work includes sponsoring the Linux creator Linus Torvalds, maintaining the Linux trademark and linux.com website and organizing the world’s leading Linux conferences where the creators, maintainers and practitioners of the most important open source projects meet.

With more than 1000 members across the world, the Linux Foundation has taken its experience and expertise in supporting the Linux community to help establish, build, and sustain some of the most critical open source technologies. Its work today extends far beyond Linux, fostering innovation in every layer of the software stack, hosting projects spanning enterprise IT, embedded systems, consumer electronics, cloud, networking, and more.